Wednesday, June 19, 2002

Ok, this is cool. :) I feel like a kid in a candy store.

On the gaming front...

Neverwinter Nights is now in the hands of GerM and Alamo.
Fubak is still learning how to drive in GTA3.
Lord Slappy is telling good stories like this:

that's what i was thinking when we drove across the haywood mall parking lot. it seems burman doesn't know much about lanes and right of way and meaningless things like that.

first off, yesterday as we're around the mall on the little road around the parking lot, burman realizes he wants to turn right. what he doesn't think about is that he's in the left lane of two lanes. that's no problem for germ. he throws a quick glance over his shoulder and cranks that sucker right. yeehaw!!! but that isn't too bad. it could happen to any of us (well, not really, but anyways).

next we have the kicker. today we're riding down through the parking lot near ruby tuesdays, heading for the parking garage upper level. we reach the end of the parking lot and are approaching the road that passes right in front of the mall as well as the parking garage. to our left an infiniti j30 is coming on strong. does burman mind? nah, he guns it. yes, guns it. the 1 liter speed machine answers, "huh?" somehow it gets the idea that burman actually wants to move and "speeds" across the lane smack dab in front of the infiniti. the j30 slams on his brakes, as well as his horn. our lives flash before our eyes. mine wasn't too bad, mark's was kinda boring. hehe i look at germ to find his face w/ no reaction. it's just another day driving in his deathmobile. i said, "what in the world? you could have waited." burman's response, "was there a stop sign?"

i advise you all: before stepping into germ's car, make sure all of your belongings and estate are in order. it may be your last drive.

*end snip*

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