Tuesday, July 9, 2002

Hold on to your sheep, we're heading back to Azeroth:

Yep, that's right. Blizzard has released its third installment in the amazing Warcraft series, and I have to say it's definately the best. Now many may scream and shout because of the Upkeep addition, or the heroes, or maybe even the somewhat blocky models, but come on, guys, it doesn't get much better than this. We're talking gold mine to gold mine fun here. Recently, GerM and I tested out the multi-player capability last Friday. I can honestly say I've never had so much fun playing a strategy game. This game owns. No, it doesn't just own, it pwns. It's mad tyte, yo!!! So, I'll lay down how my experience went.

My first encounter was Thursday (practice day before the event) against "may i have some more towers, please?" GerM. I've never seen so many well constructed towers. His base was completely impenetrable. Well, atleast looking at it from my skill level perspective. I soon realized that GerM plus Human race equals lots of my guys dead. We decided to team up against a computer opponent. Ouch. The computer multi-tasks out the wazoo!!! Looking back at the replay, we're still building, and he's already creeping and lvling his hero up. Slowly but surely, we're improving though. My biggest problem? Resource management. After a big, whampum battle w/ GerM, early on you were sure to hear me say, "Well, come and get me." I'm out of money and no jackpot in sight. Oh, wait, what's that? Nope, no jackpot, just abominations. I hate Disease!!! Next up, Gabe Egolf (Ender) and Steve McKisic (Stoves). We decided on a 2 on 2. Because of our early experience, GerM and I set their bases a blazin' within 30 to 45 minutes. We then spend the next HALF HOUR destroying all of the bases that Stoves keeps building. I tell ya, the guy never gives up. The rest of the day is spent beating up on some computer opponents. We actually did pretty well. Of course, WC3 is just like Othello. "Minutes to learn, years to master." Well, I say I have no problem spending the next year or two attempting to master this game. Well, that's the review. Whip's a crackin'.

Oh, as for single-player? Uh, yea, sure, it's fun. Still stuck in the human campaign.

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