Thursday, January 16, 2003

Snow! Yup...G'ville actually got some. I think we received around an inch and a half of snow. Was quite pretty.

Of course I had to take the WRX out to 'test' it's snow handling abilities. :)

There is this old abandoned theater parking lot off of Haywood road (near Tweeter). So tonight after coming back from Olive Garden with my brother-in-law and Karen, we decided to take a test detour to kinda help the food digest a bit.

Yeah dawg. Did a little e-brake slides, tried to break the car loose in the snow, but the accumulation wasn't great enough and that wonderful AWD just keep grabbing and wouldn't let the car go! Bah! Well, it was a hoot anyways and we all enjoyed it.

And to quote my brother-in-law - "Um, my supper was quite good the 2nd time around too." Or something like that.

Drift safely everyone.

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