Thursday, February 13, 2003

Fubak and I were chatting on AIM today and started talking about books. So, that inspired me to blog an entry..hehe

What books are you guys reading now?

I'm finishing up Larry Burkett's book - "World's Easiest Guide to Finances" - It is actually a very well-written book. Great info, a lot that I knew already, but also a lot that I didn't know. I highly recommend it. Also reading - "Maximum Linux Security" - this is the 1st edition from a few years back. I have owned the book for a while, just never got around to reading it. Then there's - "Mastering SQL" - pretty decent book. I'm working through that one as well (and running MySQL on my box at home).

Hmm..that's about it for books.

How about you folk? Reading anything good?

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