Thursday, April 10, 2003

It truly is an amazing thing with technology today. I had a good friend and classmate from HS that joined the Army right out of school. We kept in contact for a few years, then I lost contact with him. The last time I had heard from him was back in mid-90's. He was stationed in Bosnia doing some translation work with US Army Rangers (he was a Ranger).

With the recent conflict in Iraq, I have been wondering about him and trying to find a way to get a hold of him. Well, believe it or not I get an e-mail out of the blue from him saying hi, and that he saw my info our my HS Alma Mater page, etc. I was excited! I dropped him a note and asked what was going on, if he was still active duty, and how life is.

Well today I get this awesome e-mail...

How are ya man? I am doing well. Funny you should
mention it. I am in Iraq right now somewhere in the
north fighting the Republican Guard. As a matter of
fact, believe it or not, I commandeered an Iraqi T-72
tank a few hours ago! What is really crazy is that I
am not joking. I amazes me that one minute I can be
fighting and the next be emailing a friend from high

My team is now occupying a facility that has all the
creature comforts....beds, bathrooms, showers, and
believe it or not, a computer lab with 10 computers
hooked up to the internet. Spoils of war I guess. I
love it.

My brother is here with me. We are both Green Berets
now in the Special Forces. Right now because of where
I am at and the situation presently I won't get into
any more details.

Incredible? I still get goosebumps reading it! Here is a good friend from HS and he's out there defending freedom. My Uncle is also out in the Arabian Gulf (USS Pearl Harbor). So not only do I have family out there, I have some friends too.

My prayers are with all our troops, as I know you all are praying for them as well. I would love to sit down with my buddy one of these days and talk with him. Man, that's awesome.

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