Friday, June 27, 2003

Friday! Wee! What a week I must say! Busy busy busy. Tomorrow my wife's sister gets married, so there are tons of family members flying, driving, walking, crawling into town for the big event. We have my in-laws at our house this week. So far it's been enjoyable :) Ate at Miyabi Kyoto last night. Had a great chef.

Well, enough non-tech stuff. :)

Installed Windows 2000 SP4 yesterday on my work PC and last night on my home PC. Seems pretty stable so far. Has almost 700 fixes or something. I'm not gonna bother reading all of them so I'm assuming it's good. :) hehe

As I write this I'm downloading Mozilla 1.4RC3 to test. So that should be pretty cool. I'm enjoying using Mozilla more and more. Has some nice features.

No gaming news today from my viewpoint....been too busy over the last week to even think about games. I think I missed bluesnews one day! eek!

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