Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Good morning!

Ugh, the weather here in G'ville over the last few days has been pretty blah. Cloudy, rainy, all that good stuff. I feel like I'm living in the Pacific Northwest. hehe

Installed Mozilla 1.4 RC1 last night at home. So far it's pretty nice. Also installed the Googlebar for Mozilla. That was the one thing that I liked about having IE. Well, no worries now, I have the Mozilla googlebar and I think it's a lot nicer than Google's own toolbar!

So I can say that I'm 98% IE free. I still use IE to post my blogs, because it doesn't show up right in Mozilla. Oh well.

Watched The Italian Job last night. Wow! Very cool movie. Those Mini Coopers really made the movie neat with all the chase scenes and driving. Made the Maxtrix 2: Reloaded chase scene look corny. The movie was very much like Ocean's 11 in that it is a remake of a 1969 movie, has some big name stars, and involves a lot of money! My wife and I liked The Italian Job much better though.

Well, the day is fleeting and lots of work is calling.

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