Thursday, June 12, 2003

I like to game. Most of the readers like to game. We like LAN parties, Console parties, and playing online. Although for most of us, we don't game nearly as much as we used to game. None of us (to my knowledge) pay to play per se (ie. we don't pay monthly fees to play games). This article is about a guy who plays Anarchy Online and is one of the most powerful and popular players in the game.

Read the article, and tell me if you notice some wacked out priorities in his life. Here's a few that I noticed immediately..

  • their business is failing
  • they have no money
  • he is paying $12.95 a month to play this game
  • his view on things outside of the game is warped

Now tell me, how can you do this? He's even married..what does his wife do when he's playing AO 7+ hours a day? If I did that to my wife I think I would be sleeping on the porch..hehe Plus the fact his business is failing..yet he's still online paying a monthly fee to play.

Gaming or Life: What's your priority?

BTW, if you need a NYT user use this one: blah991 (user and password) :)


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