Tuesday, June 10, 2003

I've linked Lord Slappy's Blog on the left now. So the Chumpmonkey circle is almost complete. :) Or something really weird like that...

Speaking of weird things (it's the later, er, early hour)...

Going back to the old days of gaming handles. Not sure why this just struck me...but how many gaming handles do (or did) you have?

I started back in 1996 playing Quake, my first handle was V'alien. Then I switched to Volcano, then back to Valien (and dropped the ' symbol). That's really been about it.

Lord Slappy used to be Dr. ButtKick. hehe. That didn't last too long due to some parental influence on changing it. The worst of the bunch was GerM. He started out with something like Sunset Ninja, then Orion, then who knows what else, then finally GerM.


ok...i must grab some zzzzz's

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