Tuesday, July 1, 2003

Yesterday was definitely a monday. On my way home from work I got my first ticket since 1997, and my first ticket since living in SC. The sad thing, was that I wasn't even trying to speed. I know that there are plent of times I drive fast and should get a ticket, but this time I was just tired, just left work, and was thinking about my wife's softball game coming up. So I was just driving normally, not even thinking about the speed limit. Well, I saw a police officer in a parking lot just waiting and too late...i looked down and realized that i was going a tad fast (he said 54 in a 35). So I immediately pulled over at the next open lot and got my ticket :(

Officer Worley (I think) was pretty nice. Dropped it to a 40 in a 35 zone. So the fine is relatively cheap (under $50) and I don't have to go to court. I'm going to call my insurance today and see if i'll get docked for this. I had such a nice record.... *sigh*

My only gripe is this...he said it was 35. The only sign on that street says it is 45 mph. So, I could contest this because there is no signs. Bah. Maybe not...Mr. Officer gets only 26K-30K a year, maybe this will help his paycheck.

That's my other gripe. Why do our Police Officers get paid so poorly? These men and women work hard, they put their lives on the line all the time...and for less than 26K a year (starting salary in our area - Search for Deputy jobs.) Now that is sad.

Anyways, I'm not upset at getting a ticket...upset with myself for not paying attention. :)

Hey, at least I didn't do a Singleterry...hehe ;)

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