Monday, August 11, 2003

Hey everyone!

Glad to see Fubak and Cruv keeping up-to-date with the latest news and swag! hehe. :) Sounds like the LAN Event this weekend is going to be a fun one. Do we have an official name for it yet? *hint hint*

Karen and I had a wonderful time up in PA and DE this past week. Spent some great time with her family up there. It was a go! go! go! vacation, that's for sure! In summary here's what we did (if I can remember it all):

1. Went to a baseball game (Delmarva Shorebirds)
2. Went fishing & swimming on the Choptank River (near the Cheasapeake Bay). I caught 3 perch! lol
3. Went to Rehoboth Beach and won tons of prizes at the games (Karen won the big stuffed animals...I just got the small ones)
4. Went dragracing against the Amish buggies! <--kidding. hehe
5. Ate food. ( needs help. hehe)
6. Went doing all kinds of touristystuff.
7. Went to Baltimore and visited the Inner Harbor
8. Ate more food.
9. Consequently gained weight! EEK!!!!
10. etc. etc. etc.

It's nice to be back home though. Something about sleeping in your own soft bed...mmmmm :)

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