Thursday, August 21, 2003

Tech News -

I like this guy. Great article on how Microsoft's tactics forced him to change his company from a MS-centric company to a Open Source company.

Many companies today could use this little shove to migrate their systems (or at least a majority of them) onto Open Source. When I was at ScanSource, we had 80 some Windows servers (mix between NT4 and 2000). Talk about a waste of money (you can blame their poor IT management for those decisions). They would have saved thousands of dollars if they just ported over their webservers to Linux, and that's just the top of the pond!

I tried to encourage some new ideas..but too many stagnant minds there. Such is life. Guess if the BSA came along and squished them..maybe they would think differently.

Our office is pretty much OSS now. Running E-Smith for our backend, Open Office for our desktop, and Mozilla for our browser. Soon to come...Desktop OS I hope :)

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