Monday, January 7, 2008

What's Been Played Recently

I just added a new widget on the side showing what games we've recently played. A new favorite of ours is the Ticket to Ride Swiss Expansion map. It's a great game for 2-3 players. The artwork is great, the game play is intense and plays pretty fast too. I finally won my 1st game against my wife this past week (currently my record is 1-6 I think). :(

Other notables games we've played recently have been Alhambra, El Grande, and For Sale!

Guess what? You can buy some of these at my store too! <-- shameless plug.

It has been so much fun over the last couple of years introducing new people to board games, and specifically to euro-style/designer/German games. Everyone that has played them has commented on how much fun they are, how the artwork looks incredible, and how unique they can be each time they are played.

We routinely get together with friends and family to game and you can't beat sitting around a table playing games with friends and family. It sure beats the digital entertainment that we are surrounded with all the time (and I'm a huge video gamer too!)

So get out and play some games this year! I know you'll enjoy it.

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