Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hello Ya'll!

Hey it's mid-April already. My blogging career is grinding to a halt. Good thing I don't get paid to blog.

Twitter on the other hand...

Anyways here's a 30 second synopsis of what's new...

1. Josiah is growing like a weed! It's all that Dr. Pepper and Ice Cream! (Go go! Cookie Dough!)
2. Karen is staying super busy @ home with the little bugger
3. I'm keeping really busy at work. Can't find enough .NET developers. Know any? I can put them to work...

Oh, our new 'hobby' is now live (muahaha)... ~ crafters of fine homemade candles. Poured with love and scent (hehe) forth to aromatize the

Check it out and buy some candles! :)

Oh, shameless plug for some great friends of ours - - Kevin & Melissa have been doing balloons, puppets, and magic for a few years now. It's turned into a pretty cool business for them as well. So if you know anyone looking to have some great entertainment for their kids birthday, retirement, funeral (ok..maybe not that one) then give them a buzz. Tell 'em I sent ya!

Ok, until sometime in the summer...

(writing this @ 2343 hours. I need sleep.)

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