Saturday, May 10, 2003

Greetings from our new home!

Well, the Lord gave us some gorgeous moving weather today. Sunny, hot, and a nice breeze. I rented a 24' Ryder moving truck and we had a load of helping hands. Many, many, many thanks to these folk who helped us move:

John and Ginger Schwerin
Titus and Diane Vance (almost there guys...)
Brad Shannon
Jeremy Burman
Jeremy Hensley

Greg Coggins (the truck packing machine!)
and my lovely wife Karen. :)

It was hard work, but rewarding.

Charter was here at 3 pm to install our cable and 'net access. So I'm happy. :)

I have some pictures...just have to find the time to load them up.

BTW, is down at the moment due to my new IP address (I'll need to update my DNS stuff). Hope to be back online in a few days.

Ok, back to unpacking. :)

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