Saturday, May 10, 2003

Part 1 of an x part true story....

Well, Carrie & I made it to Indy.... finally. It was a little exciting. We made excellent time Friday night, but we decided to stop over at a hotel. We stopped at 1230a. Right after we stopped, it began to rain and rain and rain and... well you get the picture. We started off Saturday a.m. and a bad storm dropped on us (this began 30 miles outside of Cinci...). We couldn't see more than 40 feet from the car. We were in a small pack of cars (5 maybe...), and a car about 25 feet in front of us began to hydroplane. Wow. I've never seen anyone hydroplane before. The spray from the huge splash (while going through a huge puddle) did not look like your normal splash because he fish-tailed and his back end hit the guard rail. He then fish-tailed again and the car turned 90 degrees facing to our left. As soon as he turned 90 degrees, we passed him and the second after we passed him, he came into our lane behind us and smashed into the concrete guard.. If we were 1 second later, he would have side-swiped us. Carrie then picked up the cell phone and dialed 911.

Wow. God is good.

Stay tuned! More to come later.... (hopefully nothing as exciting.... :))

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