Saturday, June 21, 2003

This has been a very, very, very rough week. Probably one of the worst weeks of my life. Why do I say this? Keep reading...

1. My girlfriend went to the Emergency Room Sunday (6/15/03) night complaining of severe abdomen pains that she had for 2 weeks and it had gotten too unbearable. Why did she wait that long? She's stubborn. Ok anyways, the doctors put her on an IV and took blood. This doesn't sound so bad, but you don't know Maegan. She HATES needles with a passion and she was bawling like a 5 yr old. I hated seeing her in pain and I tried to comfort her as much as possible, but there's only so much I can do.

Well, she had X-Rays, Ultrasounds, blood tests, urine tests, and an Ink Test to test her gall bladder. They couldn't find anything wrong, except that her liver enzymes were very high. So, they kept her overnight in ER. That sucked b/c it's pretty uncomfortable for everyone and the nurses are ALWAYS on edge so it's hard to ask for things.

After staying overnight in ER, they moved her to a room on the 5th floor. We were happy about that, but she had a roommate. This roommate was a large, older woman who had Redtide in both her legs. This wasn't so bad, until the nurses came in to clean them DURING LUNCH TIME!!! I almost threw up. They pulled the curtain but you could still hear...smacking the wound, "OK YOUR HAND IS IN THE WOUND NOW!!!!", and various other things that I don't want to remember. Ok, enough about the roommate already. She was a sweet lady. She just talked too much.

Maegan was high on morphine the entire week. That's right! She was in the hospital from Sunday morning at 9AM until Thursday night at 7PM. And you know what another bad thing is? They don't have insurance. Yeah, I pity them too. Anyways, I came to the hospital every morning before going to work, during lunchtime, and then I came right after work and stayed until midnight. I was doing my best to be there for her. I just wanted to take her pain away so badly. Is this true love? I think so :o) She was diagnosed with Mono and a certain type of hepititus that is caused by the Mono. So do I have it? Probably. I just hope that it doesn't make me so ill that I'm in the hospital for a week.

The liver enzymes finally started coming down at a steady pace so the doctor's let her go home. She's still in alot of pain, but at least she's home where she can be comfortable and watch TV, and talk to me online with my PDA that I setup on a WAN at their house :D Yeah, I'm a dork ;o)

2. This isn't NEARLY as bad, but my Honda Accord was broken into last night at our house. My CD Headunit, Amplifier, and Digital camera (Canon A70, 256mb CF card, mini-tripod, 4 batteries, and a carrying case) were stolen. This just infuriates me! I've had the worst week of my life and some low-life, no good for nothin, scum of the earth, piece of poop thief has to break into my car and steal stuff. How low is that?

Ok, time to start my own blog. This is rediculous. Thanks for reading, if you did.

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