Monday, June 23, 2003

Good morning! Tis a happy Monday indeed.

Well, the weekend sure went fast. I feel for Fubak in what happened to his car. :( I had my gauges stolen back in December. It's that sense of intense anger and irritation of how someone could just violate your personal property and steal stuff like that. Makes you want to find them and do bad things... grrr!! :(

Anyways, I mowed our lawn this weekend. Whoa...mental SELF-PROPELLED mower. :) Cruv graciously let me use his lawnmower and it did the job. Although my hands are screaming in protest (read: blisters) hehe. Guess that's what happens when you are a softie office get tender :) hehe

Hmm..Karen and I put up some drapes on the living room this weekend. :) Gotta love Lowes and Home Depot! So now we have some nice color in the living room and we can keep the temperature down during the day when it heats up nicely due to lots and lots of sun.

Oh, and I've been playing Dynasty Warriors 4 for the PS2 that I borrowed from GerM. about addicting! Yowzers. My current character, Liu Bei, is pretty sweet. The game is pretty simple once you get the hang of it. Just mash mash mash buttons...all in sequence though.

Well, have a good week. Tomorrow, Lord Slappy, GerM, my wife and I will be headed down to Six Flags over Georgia for a day of 'coaster fun! Weeee!!!!!!

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