Monday, July 21, 2003

Good Monday morning, er, afternoon on the East Coast! :)

Hope everyone had a good weekend. Mine was busy. I sprayed our deck with some funky chemicals to preserve it, then found a nice self-propelled lawnmower for $75 bucks and mowed the lawn. Watched G'ville Braves play (intensely boring game - bottom of 9th. 2 outs. bases loaded. Orlando pitcher walks the 4th guy. Game over. 1 to 0 Gbraves. *yawn*). But the fireworks show was awesome!

Oh, I played and lost a mission in Starcraft: Brood War. So, gotta rethink this one. :(

Today's cool article is chemically enhanced DVD's! (registration required use blah991/blah991 to get in...hehe) cool!

Tonight I make my debut as a softball player. Hopefully it will be my last. I have no l33t softball skillz. hehe

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