Friday, July 18, 2003

Remember All Advantage? A few of us actually made money on it. I made just over $100.00 before it tanked. Well Cruv just sent me some info last night on a new system that uses affiliate marketing to make money. I spent a bit of time last night and this morning researching and reading up on it.

It's pretty straightforward. You download a small piece of software (and according to their FAQ it is not spyware). Basically a .dll that works with IE or Netscape (I can't get it to work with Mozilla though..go figure), and it uses Internet Keywords to find sites. Basic stuff. Technology has been there for years.

So I figured, why not? I have nothing to lose, all they have is my e-mail addy (yay, big deal). If I want to remove myself from the system it takes 20 seconds.

It's pretty basic. Go here to find out more. Make sure you use my referral id/number/name so that I get credit. Questions? Lemme know!

ps. Since most of us 'net users like to shop on the net, why not shop through your referral? One, you get to buy what you want...two..make some extra pennies too!

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