Monday, July 28, 2003

Good morning!

Fubak has already announced the great wedding of Dave and Kristen. It was a lot of fun and very pretty. Glad to see that he has found someone to keep him in line! :)

It was a regular Chumpmonkey group down there. Brad, Dave C, John S, Dave S, and me. Of course we all had our wonderful wives with us to keep us in line and make sure we behave ourselves. hehe

Some fun highlights:

1. Raven Shield LAN play. Aw yeah!
2. Brad squishing the bee in the clubhouse
3. Watching Brad attempt to dance. hehe
4. Eating awesome food
5. The Beach and walks on the beach with my wife :)
6. Saw a blue STi on our way home.

That's all folks!

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