Monday, July 28, 2003

With all the recent e-mail scams hitting our inboxes it pays to take a few moments to read and research things that do come in and seem legitimate.

Recently a lot of SC Charter Pipeline users received an e-mail from Charter asking them to go to a certain website to fill out some information about their account. Well, I was quite suspicious at first and decided to research things a little more before I sent them my information.

I did a whois search, traced their mail headers, inquired on VeriSign, etc. All in all, it looked ok dokey. I read some posts on my UCLUG group and then did a search on BroadBand Reports and found this thread. Looks like it is legitimate and looks like Charter (as usual) is trying to straighten out their borked network. Go figure.

As I get more info, I will let ya'll know.

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