Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year!

What? A post? Well, let's see, it is 2008. I figured I could make at least some use of this space.

So here goes another attempt to post what's happening in the V household. Maybe I can even get my wife to write. After all, she is the writer in the family...hmmm...

So what happened to my WordPress blog @ In a nutshell I'm simplifying. For the last few years I've started to use Google a lot more (Gmail, docs, bookmarks, groups, and now blogs). I decided that it wasn't worth it to have 2 blogs up (cause I don't blog that much). So when I moved from my old hosting provider to my other hosting provider I just eliminated the blog and now it's just a forums site. So all the good Chumpmonkey discussions happen there.

Snazzy eh? (less headache for me that's for sure)

If you read on some of the old archives here you will see some old posts dating back to 2002. It's fun to take a memory stroll and see what we used to talk about. :D

For those courageous enough to read through my blather here's what my ideas/goals are for this blog -

1. Updates on our family for some of our friends and family
2. Musings on entrepreneurship, technology, board gaming and more
3. Random madness
4. Experimentation *insert mad scientist laugh*

Until the next post...

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