Saturday, March 1, 2008

Update on Karen's Mom

Some of you know that Karen's mom was diagnosed with cancer a few weeks ago. Well, she has undergone surgery and the bad lymph nodes have been removed and the results are pretty good so far. Not all the nodes were cancerous and the doctors are pretty positive that with chemotherapy and other stuff that she will have a full recovery.

Karen and I are grateful for the news (so is Mom!) and encouraged by God's goodness in taking care of her and everyone else. We've had a great sense of peace throughout the whole thing and we know that the Lord is in control. For that we're encouraged.

This week Karen is actually up in PA helping out her mom with different things. She's been enjoying the time up there and says it's really cold. Good thing it's sunny and semi-warm here in SC!

Thanks for the prayers and I'll try to get more updates as I can post them.

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