Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Change is good. I think.

Well, a few weeks ago I posted about valien.net and some experimentation I was doing with the site (ie using it for casual gaming). Well, if you look at it now you'll see something totally different. Yup, a Wordpress blog once again. I used to use WP on Chumpmonkey.com before I removed it and changed it to a forums site only. I decided to install WP 2.3.3 on valien.net and play around with it some more. BTW, I will probably be bringing the gaming side back on the site. Just got to work it within the WP framework.

So now I have 2 blogs. This one hosted by blogspot/google and valien.net hosted by me (well, on 1and1's servers to be technical about it).

Why? Uh, to have fun, learn new stuff, experiment, and maybe actually post something worthwhile... Also, this blog will be mostly for family related news and stuff. My other blog will be pretty much tech ramblings, business ramblings, etc.

Check back in a couple of days as I get all the right plug-in's installed and configured properly!

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