Thursday, January 31, 2008

Blessing from Friends.

Over the last week or so we have been blessed by the generosity of some friends that goes way beyond the call of duty. :) We had some friends take us out to eat last week and it was wonderful. Then the other day some other friends said they had some freebie tickets to Biltmore and wanted us to have them.


I've never been to Biltmore and it's absolutely wonderful. I definitely recommend the audio tour. That house is amazing.

Unfortunately our digital camera decided it didn't like the cold weather and the only pics we took were with Karen's SLR so I need to get that film developed.

One amazing individual we talked to yesterday was a Blacksmith. He's been practicing his craft/art for 32 years now! It was amazing to see the detail in his work and in a dying trade. Now all I need is a couple hundred dollars for some curtain rods!

Good friends are a blessing. Thank you so much for letting Karen and I have a wonderful week so far.

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