Thursday, July 10, 2008

July 4 With Family.

We spent the July 4 weekend with my wife's family up in Pennsylvania and Delaware. It was nice to get away and do nothing productive. :) Well, we did do some fun shopping at Kitchen Kettle, and some outlet stores but other than that it was eat lots of good food and chill with family.

One displeasure was that it rained most of the time while up there. Meh.

Here's a few pics of the fun and festivities...

(here we all are warming up for a competitive game of mini-golf! I came in 2nd to last...)

(At Uncle Ray's trailer on the beach in Delaware. We just mostly hung out and ate food and talked. It was cloudy and rained a bit so we couldn't go out on the boats too much.)

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I am a... said...

Update more often!!!!!! I posted new pictures of our trip to the creation museum and Grandma platt's 90th birthday.