Friday, September 12, 2008

Catan Dice Game & Baby Update!

My wife and I like to do lunch on Fridays when we can. She has an hour lunch that day and so I either go to her office or she comes to my office. Normally we eat, chat, and just chill. Sometimes I'll bring a game from home if I remember. The only problem is that most of the games I have at home are not fast or portable.

So today I picked up the Catan Dice Game from Kevin at The Command Post (our local FLGS). It was only about $11 bucks so the price was right. We were able to get a quick game in after eating and had a blast. It's basically Yahtzee! with a Catan theme pasted on it but I think it's funner than Yahtzee! It's Euro! :D

Oh another cool thing, it's small and portable. So I'm thinking we'll be playing this a lot at lunch now! Yay for more games!

In baby news, our registry is mostly complete. Visit Babies R Us and search for "Vailliencourt" for info on our registry. Karen has a baby shower in Delaware at the end of the month, then another one down here from her office. It's been fun and tiring looking at all the baby stuff. Talk about a change! Wow! I cannot wait! For those so inclined feel free to purchase an XBox 360 or PS3 for dad-to-be... ;)

The baby is moving quite a bit now. Getting hiccups a bit too much to Karen's discomfort. The Doctor said that all is right online and looking good.

Almost 9 weeks counting...

Eek! :)

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