Thursday, June 5, 2008

Second Dr. Visit.

My wife and I went to the Dr. for a 2nd visit on Tuesday. We were able to hear the heartbeat again. It's a lot stronger this time! Even heard the baby move a little (at least that's what the Dr. said). Wow!

We also got an official due date - November 17. So possibly he/she won't be a Thanksgiving baby (unlike her mom and dad...) Yay!!

Our next visit is for the ultrasound and that will be in about 2 weeks. Cannot wait! First pics of the baby! Wee!!

We decided to do a little window shopping at Target the other day and looked at some baby stuff. Still seems kinda surreal but it was fun nonetheless. Karen's dad bought us a nice web cam so we can chat with them and show the progress as the baby develops. That's been fun to do as well.

The baby closet is all cleared out of games but we probably won't be doing anything major to the room until after September (since my parents will be coming into town before they fly out to visit).

Ah, the great excitement of the whole journey! :)

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